Chose How You Want to Die

Did I get your attention? Ok so, when you get to be a certain age, your mom starts giving you telling gifts for the holidays.  Two years ago, I got a subscription to Prevention Magazine. Enough said, right?  So in the magazine each month they have articles on topics like nutrition.  Here is my first vent, “They might as well title the articles ‘Chose How You Want to Die’.”  If I eat X servings of blueberries I can avoid one illness, if I eat Y servings of lentils I can avoid another, and if I eat all the servings of all these foods that will protect me from aging and disease…I will die from obesity.  If I am going to chose the way I die, I’m going with death by Burger King.  That’s right, I’m eating a vanilla shake, a whopper and some onion rings whenever the heck I want.

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